Loreen Hospodar 

Senior Event Consultant

Loreen originally established herself in the Chicago wedding scene as an artist creating custom paintings of bridal bouquets through her business, Reenie Rose.  Her design business quickly evolved into customizing other unique details for all aspects of wedding planning & production.

Loreen joined the Clementine team in 2012 as our lead Event Coordinator.  After executing over 40 Clementine weddings, Loreen decided to kick it up a notch in 2014 and join the Clementine team as a Senior Event Consultant.  Loreen's creative background and attention to detail helps her couple's personality shine through on their wedding day while all keeping them stress-free.

"It's really cool that I'm able to merge my creative business with wedding planning.  I'm able to help my clients add thoughtful and creative touches to their special day and that makes the design and planning process come full circle for me!" - Loreen 

Fun Facts About Loreen:

* She likes to escape the city for a cottage in Wisconsin

* She is a loving Cat Mommy

* She studied abroad in Paris

* Loreen likes every kind of food, except those wrinkly black olives

If we did it again, I would hire Loreen and wouldn’t change a thing. Loreen was the reason my husband and I were able to enjoy and savor our wedding day. We had absolutely nothing to worry about. The week up to the wedding and the wedding day was shockingly easy. Honestly, we didn’t do much because Loreen took care of vendors, preparations, etc. My husband and I just spent time with family and friends.
— Ellen - 2014